Model: CB-1200


Mobile cans & bottles backpack

Insulated Jacket
BackPack portable drink dispenser is the perfect way to serve bottled or cans.
Measuring 22 inches high x 14 inches wide the back Pack mobile canned drink back pack.
weight up to 15 pounds when full.
This insulated thermal drink backpack can hold up to 48 bottles containers.

Carrying System

The ergonomic conveying framework gives maximal conveying solace, with padded hip belt and shoulder ties that are independently customization to each unique client. The thermally protected knapsack is part into two chambers which can be partitioned into two sections, taking into account four flexible compartments. Administering drawers on the two sides can be acclimated to the items utilized as a part of the drink knapsack Can’s and Bottles.

perfect for every big event.

Thirstburst Mobile Can’s and Bottles was created to effortlessly disseminate all per-filled refreshments. Regardless of whether you utilize it for thin caffeinated drink jars, for plastic containers, or for standard jars – almost all will fit. With the Can’s and Bottles, you can act rapidly and quickly to take care of sudden demand. Simply fill the separately balanced, protected compartments with chilled jars and containers and you are prepared to offer. This framework enables you to restore any unsold refreshments back to chilly stockpiling to be sold at the following occasion.

Advertising Area

The three promoting spaces on the Thirstburst Mobile jars and bottles Insulated drink knapsack are ensured to draw in consideration. The promotion space is on the back (50 x 29 cm) and on two sides (each 38 x 29 cm). Changing the item message is fantastically basic and your promotion is secured by clear plastic on all sides. Notwithstanding these vast ads.

Cup Dispenser

On the off chance that the setting does not enable you to pass on jars and jugs straightforwardly to the client, we offer a discretionary glass gadget .which is put on the left half of the Thirstburst Mobile jars and bottles Insulated drink rucksack. This container, using the elastic lip framework, can apportion a huge wide range of measured glasses.

Insulated beverage backpack

For jars and plastic jugs, we built up an extraordinary knapsack. It can be rapidly put energetically – simply embed the chilled jars and/or bottles in the separately customization compartments and you are prepared to offer.