Model: HC-1500



Insulated Jacket
304 SS Beverage Tank (3 /5 Gallon)
Branding Insert Pocket on Top & Around
NSF-61 certified dispensing hose with insulation and cover
NSF Certified Disconnects
Premium Squeeze dispensing valve
Cup Dispenser-Multi Size
Manual Pressure Pump with Manometer

Backpack Drink Dispenser

The external shell of the Backpack Drink Dispenser EASY is produced using a very hearty, launderable covering.
Four elastic feet guarantee great strength and for the most part keep the body of the unit from coming into contact with the ground.

protecting it from the weather.

On account of the firm, level surface of the external shell, the publicizing message can be swapped as required inside the space of a moment. The straightforward plastic cover opens on three sides for easy to use inclusion of the promoting standard, and holds it solidly set up while shielding it from the climate.
The advertising space is measuring 76 x 39.5 cm.

Solid outline

It gloats a light yet to a great degree solid outline, and is accessible in both soda and barrel tap variants.
Its incredible conveying solace, proficient look and high usefulness are recently the thing for ideal brand introduction.

comfort and proficient look

the unit has all that you have to convey the desired information: very practical and strong, it joins ideally outlined detail answers for culminate, “without wrinkle” mark promoting, ensuring a high acknowledgment esteem.
Its ideal client comfort, proficient look and high usefulness offer every one of the elements for compelling (mark) introduction.